The Epila Hair Removal Laser – Is it a Good Solution For Permanent Hair Removal?

Named for the method of epilation, the Epila hair elimination laser is one other of the small, hand-held laser epilation units now marketed for the house consumer. Like all such units, it presents the promise of eradicating undesirable hair on the legs, physique, or pubic area utilizing the identical laser know-how that skilled epilation consultants use, however at a tiny fraction of the expense. Such lasers work by heating the hair contained in the follicles, damaging or killing the follicles and making them unable to supply hairs any longer. House fashions don’t supply the flexibility of business machines, however do present appreciable flexibility, privateness, and enormous financial savings to the house consumer.

The Epila hair elimination laser is greatest used on hair which has already been shaved as near the pores and skin as doable.

That is true of all laser hair elimination remedies, since if extra of the hair stays, it can take up the warmth which needs to be concentrated within the follicle and make the remedy much less efficient – or presumably completely ineffective. The laser is supposed to warmth the hair which is contained in the follicle.

The producer recommends that cooling gel be utilized to the pores and skin two to 3 minutes previous to utilizing the laser. The ache from the laser software is claimed to be much like that of a rubber band snapping towards the pores and skin, so the consumer needs to be ready for some ache throughout remedy.

The laser has three settings – low, medium, and excessive – and new customers could be prudent to start with the bottom setting and work upwards if extra intense epilation proves essential.

The Epila laser has a diode laser with a protracted wavelength, and the corporate claims that it’s due to this fact more practical at epilation on dark-skinned customers than comparable units, since hair elimination by laser is usually tough in darkly-complected folks as a result of the pores and skin absorbs extra of the laser power than it ought to for optimum effectiveness. The Epila’s “spot dimension” – the width of the laser beam on the pores and skin – is extraordinarily small, nevertheless, and plenty of customers report that just one or two hairs will be handled at a time, making the usage of this laser a prolonged, painstaking course of.

As with all hair elimination lasers, the Epila tends to make the pores and skin the place it’s used extraordinarily delicate for a number of days afterwards, and direct daylight in addition to any probably harsh chemical compounds or make-up needs to be averted.

The hair will proceed to shed for a number of weeks after the remedy, and a number of other month-to-month remedies could also be wanted to fully take away the hair from a area of the physique. Some customers report profitable remedy with no painful unintended effects, whereas others report being injured by the laser and experiencing no lower in hair progress, though it’s unclear if the latter made use of the cooling gel which protects the pores and skin and tends to pay attention the laser’s warmth within the follicles.

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